1. America, communism, godlessness, and material suffering

    Prabhupada: No, they are right officially: “We trust in God.” (break) …the whole, I think, Americans are fortunate because this sankirtana movement is there. Yes. If they take it more seriously, they will be actually favored nation of the Lord.

    Hari-sauri: At the present moment it seems that the Communist movement seems to be taking over more and more countries.

    Prabhupada: They will take because people are becoming godless. That is the defect. People are becoming hippies, godless. This material world is full of miseries because most people are godless. Here… Material world means avoiding God. That is the sum and substance of material world. They are trying to avoid, becoming independent of God. That is their endeavor. The scientist, the philosopher, the politician-everyone is trying that. Therefore they are suffering. Maya is there. Just like a criminal, if he says “I don’t care for government,” the police will take care of. That is certain.

    Morning Walk — May 20, 1975, Melbourne