1. Better activity

    Krsna consciousness movement is that you get better activity. Therefore you can give up the inferior activities. Otherwise, simply by negation it is not possible. We must work. We must work for Krsna’s sake. We shall go to Krsna’s temple, or we shall go for selling Krsna’s books or meeting some Krsna devotee. That is nice. But you cannot stop working. That is not possible. Then your idle brain will be devil’s workshop. Yes. Then you will fall down, “How to go to that woman? How to go to that man?” If you stop working, then you have to work again to sense gratification. That’s all. Similarly, you take any sense; you cannot stop it, but you have to engage it. That is Krsna consciousness. You engage your hand and engage your legs, you engage your eyes, you engage your ears, engage your tongue — simply in Krsna. You can engage everything. For eyes, instead of hankering after some beautiful man or beautiful woman, just see Krsna, how nicely dressed. Then you will forget these other seeing. For tongue, you engage your tongue simply for chanting, then your nonsense talking will automatically stop. You engage your tongue eating very nice prasadam of Krsna, offered to Krsna, then you forget to go to restaurant. In this way our time should be utilized.

    From Srila Prabhupada’s lecture on Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.16.6 — January 3, 1974, Los Angeles