1. Bhakti is voluntary

    Krsna does not force. Krsna says that “You surrender unto Me.” He does not force, that “You must surrender. I am God. You are My part and parcel.” No, He’ll never say that. Because He has given you little independence, He will not touch it. Otherwise what is the difference between a stone and a living entity? A living entity must have independence, although it is very little, minute. That Krsna does not touch. He’ll never touch. You’ll have to agree, “Yes, Krsna, I shall surrender unto You. Yes. That is for my benefit.” This is Krsna consciousness. You must voluntarily agree, not hackneyed, mechanical. “Spiritual master says like this right. All right let me do it.” No. You have to understand very nicely. Tesam satata-yuktanam bhajatam priti-purvakam [Bg. 10.10]. Priti, with love. When you work, when you work for Krsna with love and enthusiasm, that is your Krsna conscious life. If you think that “It is hackneyed, it is troublesome, but what can I do? These people ask me to do it. I have to do it,” that is not Krsna consciousness. You have to do it voluntarily and with great pleasure.

    From Srila Prabhupada’s lecture on Bhagavad-gita 1.30 – London, July 23, 1973