1. Civilization, religion, animalism, & communism

    In the civilized human society there is some system of religion. So that system of religion means try to understand God. Religion means the law given by God. So civilized human beings, they are trying to understand God and His laws. That is called religion. Now the difference between dog and me is that I can try to understand what is God, what is my position; the dog cannot understand. Dog means the animals. They cannot understand. So that is the difference between a human being and a dog. If we give up religion or the method to understand God and our relationship with Him, then we will remain dog. Then we remain dog. We are not human being. So at the present moment the so-called human society, civilized human society, is giving up the conception of God, understanding God, especially the Communist party. They are openly declaring that “We don’t believe in God.” But those who are not Communists, they, lip sympathy, they say that “Yes, we believe in God,” but actually they do not believe.

    Srila Prabhupada, Room Conversation with Journalist — May 19, 1975, Melbourne