1. Contradictory Prabhupada is absolutely correct

    He sat facing the two sannyasis over his desk; Hansaduta to his left and Aksayananda to his right. Prabhupada addressed Hansaduta first. “You are a sannyasi. Why you are spending such a long time here? You have a bus and you must travel. Sannyasi means that now you have to preach all over the world. Why you should be thinking of becoming the president here? Actually a sannyasi should not remain in one place for more than three days at a time. You have your bus and if the wheels stop turning then it means the preaching is also stopped.” Prabhupada gave Hansaduta the example of the Indian railways. “They have a motto: “The wheels must keep turning.” And it is the business of every employee, whether a train driver, a fireman, or a clerk in the office, to do their bit so that the wheels never stop. If the wheels stop, business stopped.” So he told Hansaduta that his bus should never stop. “Still,” he said, “the temple is nirguna, so you may stay more than three days — that is allowed. But only if you have business here.”

    Then Prabhupada turned to Aksayananda Swami. “Now you must stay here in Vrndavana and never leave unless I say so. You must stay and do the management.”

    We all looked at each other and laughed. Prabhupada is so wonderful that he can give two apparently contradictory instructions and still be absolutely correct.

    Hari Sauri Dasa, A Transcendental Diary 4-5: Sri Vrndavana-dhama