1. Devilish culture — hippies and murderer in the name of religion

    This is their culture — hippies and murderer in the name of religion. This is their culture. And abortion. Because there is no such culture, therefore the result is the abortion and killing and bombing, making the whole atmosphere abominable. This is your culture. Fighting between Protestant and Catholics, and bombing. People are terrified. They cannot go out in the street. This is your culture. And begging is bad. To keep the people, whole population, in terrified condition, that is very good, and if anyone in a humble way begs, that is bad. This is your culture. Vedic way allows the brahmacari to beg just to learn humbleness, not beggar. Coming from very big, big family, all family, they practice it. This is not begging. This is to learn how to become humble and meek. And Christ said, “To the humble and meek, God is available.” It is not begging. You do not know what is this culture. You have your own culture, devilish culture, to kill even one’s own child. How you’ll understand what is this culture?

    Srila Prabhupada, Room Conversation — February 4, 1977, Calcutta