1. Distributing Harinama “sweetballs”

    Visnujana: While we are chanting our rounds, or while we are chanting out loud in the kirtana, is it all right to be engaging our mind in thinking?

    Prabhupada: This is practical way? [laughter] If you are not minding, the chanting will force you to mind upon Him. You see? Krsna sound will by force. Chanting is so nice. And this is the practical yoga in this age. You cannot meditate. Your mind is so disturbed, you cannot concentrate your mind.

    Therefore chant, and by the sound vibration, it will forcibly enter it into your mind. Even if you don’t want Krsna, Krsna will enter within your mind. By force. [laughter] This is the easiest process. You don’t require to endeavor. Krsna is coming. [laughter] [Prabhupada laughs] It is very nice process. This is recommended, therefore, for this age.

    And others also will be benefited. You chant loudly. Others who are not accustomed, they will also. At least… Just like on the street, in the park, they say “Hare Krsna!” How they have learned? By hearing this chanting. That’s all. Sometimes the children, as soon as they see us, they say “Oh, Hare Krsna!” In Montreal the children, when I was walking on the street, all the children, the shopkeepers, the storekeepers, they will say “Hare Krsna!” And that’s all.

    So we have forced Hare Krsna within the mind. If you practice yoga, meditate, it may be beneficial for you, but this is beneficial for many others. Suppose something very good, you are enjoying yourself, some sweetballs — that is one stage. But if you distribute sweetballs, that is another stage.

    So by chanting on the road, on the street, you are distributing sweetballs. [laughter] You are not miser, that you are eating yourself. You are so liberal that you are distributing to others.

    Now chant, distribute. [laughter]

    (October 18, 1968, Seattle)