1. Dog’s philosophy

    Because we have rebelled against the principle of universal brotherhood we are all suffering. I have several times said that there are ample space. There is no question of scarcity. Ample space. I am traveling all over the world. So much space lying vacant in America, in Africa, Australia. Why the Chinese or the Indians should be congested, overpopulation? But they will not allow. “It is my country.” “Have you got visa?” Immigration. “Yes, I have got.” “All right, three months. Then get out.” This is going on. Because they are rascals, they are falsely claiming, “This is my country. This is my property. Nobody can come here.” This is a dog’s philosophy. Just like the dogs, they have selected one neighborhood, and three, four dogs, they live peacefully. Not peacefully — they also fight amongst them. But if another dog comes, immediately the four, five dogs will attack: “Why you have come here? Why you have come here? Gow! Gow! Gow!”

    So this kind of so-called immigration department means dog’s department. [laughter] They are maintained for checking the human life. Why there should be immigration? We are all brothers. Why you should stop? It is my father’s property. It is your father’s property.

    From Srila Prabhupada’s lecture on SB 5.5.20 — November 8, 1976, Vrndavana