1. Don’t try to invent some new order

    We should not give freedom to the mind. That is the real purpose. If you give freedom to the mind, then mind will create so many ideas. I have practically seen in our society. As soon as one is in charge, immediately he invents something new: “This should be broken, and this should be done.” Then another man comes. He breaks the same thing again. There are practical experience I have got. Unless there is control over the mind, it will
    dictate something new: “Do it like this.” There was a Bengali poet. He also sung a song, ek ta nutana kichu koro: “Do something new.” This is mind’s business. He is not satisfied with the old things. Nutana kichu koro. So that’s a very big song. Why change? The whole material world is like that. Ei nutana kichu koro: “Do something new,” and be implicated. We are not satisfied with old things. “Old order changes, yields to…” “Old order…,” there is an English proverb like that, “yielding to the new.” But the Vedic civilization is that “Do not try to invent some order. That will create disturbance. Be satisfied. Whatever you have got by nature’s way, be satisfied. Don’t spoil your time. Save your time for Krsna consciousness.” That is Vedic civilization. That is the purpose of life, the valuable life.

    Srila Prabhupada. Lecture on Srimad Bhagavatam 5.6.4 – Vrndavana, 26 November, 1976