1. Fight, but don’t forget our real culture

    The real problem of life is not to adjust things materially, change from one form of government to another form of government. These things are temporary things. It will not give relief. And this fighting between one party with another amongst the politicians or the ksatriyas or the administrators, they are going on perpetually. That is not a very new thing. So we should not forget our real life. For ruling over to get political predominance, there may be fighting. That is natural. It is going on. Just like the Battle of Kuruksetra — it is a fighting between two section of the same family, who will rule over.

    So our request is that we may fight amongst ourself for political predominance, but why should we forget our real culture, Vedic culture, Krsna consciousness? That is our request. All important men, leaders of the society, they should take this Vedic culture, Krsna consciousness, and not only preach in their own country, but all over the world.

    Srila Prabhupada /Srimad-Bhagavatam 5.5.3-4 — March 29, 1977, Bombay