1. In God we trust

    The main point is that “In God we trust,” on this slogan… So the same point that, “What do you mean by God and what do you mean by trust? That you do not know.” So you have to explain what is God and what is trust, thoroughly, from our books. Our point of propaganda should be that “It is very good that you write this slogan, ‘In God we trust,’ but nobody has got clear conception of God; neither they do not know what is the meaning of trust. Under the circumstances, so you have to learn it scientifically. And our propaganda is like that, to teach actually what is God and what is trust. And you important men of the state, you come forward, try to understand, and open schools, colleges. Make it perfectly known what is God. And make America strong. As the Communist party, they are preaching godlessness, now America should preach, ‘No, in God we trust.’ Now there should be a fight, not on the political point of view, but actually it includes everything. A class of men godless and a class of men who knows God. There should be fight.

    Srila Prabhupada, Morning Walk — December 18, 1973, Los Angeles