1. Incest, cow slaughter, and the counteraction

    Prabhupada: They have got a band of female monkeys. And therefore it is sometimes chastised, “You are a monkey.” No sense. Band of females means there is his daughters also, sons also, and everything — family, mixed family — but he has no distinction between mother, brother. Monkeys and hogs and dogs, and human beings also are becoming. No discrimination. Now they are writing philosophy, “What is the wrong there if one has sex with his daughter?”

    In India some Congress leader, he has written. And we are doubtful that the rascal Jawaharlal Nehru, he was keeping his daughter. He was keeping his sister, everyone knows. Such rascals; these are rascals. And his daughter, even his husband with her, he won’t allow his daughter to go to husband. And the husband died. Horrible. And he was the head of India. Now his daughter is head of the whole nation. Banerjee[?], first-class prostitute. He was keeping his daughter with him, and the daughter was not satisfied, and he was implicated with his secretary, and he was drawing any amount of money just to satisfy the senses of him. This is the history of their family.

    And Jawaharlal’s father had one dozen prostitutes. Whatever he was earning, he was get… In those days, five hundred rupees per day he was earning. In those days five hundred rupees means at least ten times of the present value. Five hundred rupees means five thousand, daily. So in those days five hundred rupees was…, he was royal king, and his money… His another hobby was that he would invite some big man with his wife, and he would corrupt his wife. That was his [indistinct]. Even the Governor, and he will invite and… [laughs] Yes. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

    So these people are leaders, these rascals, rogues, thieves, debauchers, and they are supporting their debauchery by philosophy. Jawaharlal Nehru paid one Dr. Radha-Damodara Mukherjee, gave him a seat in the parliament and paid him money and induced him to write a book in support of cow slaughter. So a paid rogue, he cuts out some support from this sastra and that sastra, big book, that cow slaughter was done in India formerly, so there is no wrong. This was his propaganda.  Simply see, he could not do anything. What we shall do? Of course, these things will go on. Actually we can do something. Let us try to spread it; this will counteract all things.

    From a conversation in Hawaii, unknown date