1. Srila Prabhupada Experiences Vrndavana in Paris

    When I was on a morning walk with you in Paris, I personally had a glimpse of your Vrndavana vision. We were walking up the sidewalk of a slow-rising hill in a Paris suburb. The morning air was fresh, and the streets were beginning to buzz with commuter cars. You were striding briskly in front of me when suddenly you stopped. I almost ran into you. Your cane was touching the ground and your head was slightly raised and shaking gently. Your eyes seemed to be closed, and you were in deep contemplation. I was surprised and expectant. My mind was trying to grasp what was happening. As the seconds passed and seemed to get longer and longer, I felt the air electrifying. I was wondering why the commuters were rushing to work with so much determination when Krsna’s pure devotee was standing in their midst. I felt so fortunate to be able to appreciate your transcendental presence and be so intensely waiting to understand what you were contemplating. Then you began to speak slowly: “Oh, this breeze is so nice. It is just like Vrndavana. So nice.” Your head was shaking softly, and your words were deep and slow. Time stopped; my breathing also. I was no longer aware of anything else but Your Divine Grace and the soft wafting of a pleasant breeze. I realized that you are not in this world or of this world. You are perpetually in Vrndavana with Krsna.

    > Harivilasa dasa, Vyasa puja offering 1991