1. Is this love for Christ?

    Prabhupada: Why Christ was killed? What fault? What is his fault? Just see. Was there any fault in his words? He advised, “Don’t kill,” and he was crucified. We have to deal with such rascals. I may be representative, but he is directly son of God. People are so rascal that they did not believe even the son of God, what to speak of His representative. What is that? Why Jesus Christ was killed? What was his fault? People are so [indistinct]. What the Christians will ask? Therefore we are [indistinct]. And not only that, they have been given this idea that “For our sinful reaction Christ has taken contract, so let him suffer being killed[?].” Cow-killing is very, very sin. “That’s all right; don’t mind. Christ will suffer.” How easy understanding they have.

    Devotee (2): They call it love.

    Prabhupada: This is love? If you say, “Prabhupada, I love you. Now I want to kill you. Now I will kill you.” Please don’t love me! [laughter] Please get out. “I love you so much that I will kill you.”

    Devotee (2): They like to keep the…, Christ, the deity of Christ, they keep him nailed on the cross. They think that’s very…

    Prabhupada: Therefore you see all the pictures in the church, he is carrying the cross, and he is pushing, pushed by the government men. How miserable condition they show. They do not have picture, just like we show Krsna is enjoying. Such rotten things. That is going on in religion. They love… They love means they want to see their lovable suffering so much, you see. Only then [indistinct]. This, we want to see our lovable object that He is enjoying. Young boy, [indistinct] gopis, and nice night, playing flute, He’s enjoying. That we want to see. And they want to see that lovable, he is suffering. How they can see it, if there is love?

    (Conversation — May 20, 1976, Honolulu)