1. Perform tapasya, or be degraded

    Without tapasya you cannot be purified. That little tapasya we have prescribed, that “Rise early in the morning at half past three.” But they are so downtrodden, they cannot do it. “Let me sleep five minutes more. I’ll enjoy.” You see? Such downtrodden. They were performing austerities, standing in the water in winter season, and we are recommending, “Please rise early in the morning at half past three. Be prepared for mangala-arati” — it is very difficult job.

    Just see how much we are fallen. We cannot sacrifice, say, fifteen minutes or half an hour’s sleep. We consider, “Sleeping is very good enjoyment.” I have seen in the Western countries, they want to sleep so much. That is enjoyment. Up to twelve o’clock in daytime.

    There are many Indians also, they sleep up to twelve o’clock, and then they prepare for going to the office, big man. He goes to the office at four o’clock, when the office is going to be closed. That is their enjoyment. “I have slept so much. That is my life’s success. I have eaten so much. That is my enjoyment. I have enjoyed sex life so much. That is my…”

    The rascal does not know that he is becoming implicated for the next birth. If you are too much sleeping, then you become owl. You know? The whole day they can sleep, the owl. If you want to be naked, all right, you become a tree. Stand five thousand years naked. If you want sex, all right, become a hog or a monkey. Nature is prepared to give you facilities.

    From Srila Prabhupada’s lecture on Srimad-Bhagavatam 6.2.17 — September 20, 1975, Vrndavana