1. Just get out. Don’t talk. Get out

    One may accumulate a large bank balance or an expensive home, a wife, children, and so many amenities, and he may think, “I am living very peacefully,” but at any day he may be told, “Please get out.”

    “Why?” he will ask. “It is my house, and it is paid for. I have money and a job and responsibilities. Why should I get out?”

    “Just get out. Don’t talk. Get out.”

    On that day a man sees God. “Oh, I did not believe in God,” he may think. “But now here is God finishing off everything.” Thus it is said that the demoniac recognize Krsna as death, for it is at that time that He takes everything away from them.

    From: Krsna Consciousness, the Matchless Gift, by Srila Prabhupada