1. Killing horses and fathers

    Sukadeva: In Seattle not only do they eat cows, but they run out of cows and they start eating horses. They have stopped eating cows in Seattle. It is very famous now to buy horsemeat. They have horse steaks instead of cow steaks. They have become so degraded now that they are eating horses.

    Prabhupada: Why?

    Paramahamsa: They ran out of cows…

    Sukadeva: They ran out of cows…

    Paramahamsa: Cows cost too much.

    Sukadeva: So now they are killing horses.

    Prabhupada: So now they will eat their old father. Yes. No price. Homemade. [laughter] Homemade concession.

    (From a morning walk conversation – May 15, 1973, Los Angeles)