1. Krsna was known all over the world; everyone was Krsna conscious

    There was an emperor of the name Maharaja Bharata, under whose name this planet is called Bharatavarsa. Before that, this planet was known as Ilavrta-varsa. So the Vedic civilization,  before three thousand years, the whole world was under Vedic civilization, the Aryans. The Aryans, at least they were under Vedic civilization. And that Vedic civilization is Krsna consciousness. One friend was telling me that in Russia the word Krsna is there, and Krsna means beautiful. Somebody told me? You told me? Yes. And in Greek dictionary, there is a word krista. And some of the Christians say that this Christ comes from the word krista. So there is a link. Of course, those who are philologists, they can find out what is the history of this word. But so far we have studied the history of the world, Krsna was known all over the world. Krsna was known all over the world. Therefore it is to be understood that everyone was Krsna conscious.

    Srila Prabhupada, Pandal Lecture — Bombay, April 11, 1971