1. Modern education produces fools

    Panditah — one who is actually learned, one who has got real spiritual knowledge — he does not make any distinction between a learned brahmana and a dog or a candala because he knows that the dog is also living entity, the candala is also a living entity and the learned brahmana is also a living entity, the elephant is also living entity. But they are in different dresses therefore: panditah sama-darsinah. That if people become panditah — learned, then this quarrel between Pakistani and Hindustani and this, this svami, that svami will stop, but they are not learned and the school, colleges are not giving them real learning. They are already fools, eh? Abodha jata, the Sanskrit word is abodha: “born fools, rascals,” and they are being made more fools and rascals. Formerly the education system was that the fools and rascals were enlightened to understand his self, self-realization, that is education. At the present moment the so-called education means they are already fools and they are being made more fools.

    “Oh you are born in America, you should think like this, you are American country, you are Westerner.” He is already fool, he has accepted, identified with this body and he is being educated more and more concentrating on that bodily concept of life. This is called avidya, this is not vidya. So all this schools, colleges, they are simply distributing avidya, not vidya.

    There is not a single institution at the present moment, all over the world, where real education is going on.

    From SP’s discussion regarding philosopher Edmund Husserl.