1. Mudhas: “In the future”

    They are very much proud of their scientific advancement. Everything see, the flowers and leaves, so artistically, beautifully manufactured that simply by seeing them you’ll feel pleased. How the man can manufacture it? And still they are denying the existence of God and taking all the credit. How foolish they are. Mudha. [laughter] Yes. Yes, they have been described as mudha. Now, we are appreciating immediately Krsna’s craftsmanship, artistic sense, and we are glorifying. So that should be done by everyone. But the mudhas, they will not do that. They’ll explain away. They’ll never admit God’s hand, intelligence, brain is there. They’ll never admit. Neither they will explain how it is. They know it, how it is done. It has been done, or it is being done by somebody. That they do not know, who is that somebody. And when we say it is Krsna — Krsna says, “It is I am” — they’ll not agree. This is their position. They do not know who is that somebody, and when we say, “Here is that somebody,” they’ll not believe it. This is mudha.

    The mudha cannot explain all…, and at the same time, will not accept the real thing. That is mudha. Mudha means rascal. And they will set aside the thing, “Yes, scientifically we are searching. In future we shall be able.” And when that future will come? Past, present and future, the future will become past also. Just like tomorrow, 29th June, this is future. Now, day after tomorrow, it will be past. [laughter] So if you are talking of future, but where is the history…? In the history the future is past. This is common sense.

    So therefore they have discovered this nonsense ad infinitum, that future will never come. And they still, they will set aside the business to some future and take the credit. Yes. “In future we shall be able to do it.” And that future will never come, and still, they will take the credit.

    [laughter] Just see. Therefore mudha. This is the explanation of mudha. It is just like somebody offered you a post-dated check, and then he wants to clear his debt. Suppose I am debtor by hundreds of dollars to you. I give you a post-dated check, and still I say, “Now I am clear of your debt.” And that post-dated check will never be paid. This is their theory. Na mam prapadyante mudhah duskrtino naradhamah [Bg. 7.15].

    Srila Prabhupada, Room Conversation — June 29, 1974, Melbourne