1. Napoleon, Hitler, Churchill, all fools

    Yes, you have to make him intelligent. Everyone is fool, mudha. Everyone within this material world is supposed to be a fool. Because everyone is thinking, “I am this body.” So he’s fool. “I am Indian,” “I am American,” “I am German,” “I am Frenchman,” “I am this,” “I am that.” What is the difference? A cat is thinking, “I’m cat.” A dog is thinking, “I am dog.” So if somebody thinks that, in relationship with the body, “I am Frenchman,” “I am Englishman,” “I am…”, then where is the difference between the cat and the dog? He’s thinking himself as this body. Therefore everyone is thinking, at least in this modern world, the so-called nationalism, everyone is thinking, “I am Englishman,” “I am Frenchman,” “I am Indian,” “I am this,” “black,” “white.” So everyone is fool. Is it not? Yes. He’s thinking in a way what he is not. Therefore he’s a fool. All these big, big political leaders, Napoleon, Hitler, Churchill, and in Europe , they fought with this consciousness, “I am Englishman,” “I am German,” “I am Frenchman.” That’s all. Even the big, big leaders, they are fools. And what to speak of common men?

    Srila Prabhupada, Morning Walk — June 11, 1974, Paris