1. Operation (not) required!

    Prabhupada: [laughs] The servant was crying, “Oh! I am dying, I am dying, I am dying.” So I immediately called ambulance and took her [him] to the hospital. Then, when I went there, there were so many neophyte doctors. They experimented, and they said, “Immediate operation is required.” “Why?” They gave us some technical terms. Then their leader doctor came. He said, “All right. Let us see this night. Then, next morning we shall operate.” So I asked him, “I can go? He may remain in your charge?” “Yes.” So I went, came back.

    And when I was absent, another servant was with neighbor, he told to my wife that “Babuji” — Babuji means master — “it is unnecessarily he has taken to hospital. He was drunk, and he was crying like that. [laughter] He’s drunk.” So my wife told that he was drunk, and he was therefore crying like that. “No, no. Doctor says that it is a serious case [laughter] and it is to be operated.”

    And the next morning the servant came back. “And why you come back? You were to be operated?” “Oh, thik hai. It is now all right.” Just see. The rascals were going to operate. He was drunk. In drunken state he was crying, and they took it a case of operation. That is my practical experience.

    Everything you take there: “Operation.”

    Srila Prabhupada. Room Conversation —  February 14, 1971, Gorakhpur