1. People will become man-eaters

    Therefore, womanly connection, man and woman living together without marital connection, that is papa, sinful life. That is the injunction of the sastra. Similarly, striyah suna. Suna means unnecessarily killing the animals. Just like slaughterhouse. You cannot maintain slaughterhouse in the human society and at the same time you want peace. It is not possible. Every living entity is son of God. You cannot kill even an ant, then you dissatisfy God. Take for example just like a gentleman has got five sons, one of them is useless, doing nothing. But if the expert son says, “My dear father, your this son is useless. Let us kill him and eat,” cannibal. Will the father agree, “Oh, yes, yes, this son is useless. You can kill and eat”? Time will come in this Kali-yuga when actually people will become what is called man-eater. Still there are existence man-eaters in Africa.

    Srila Prabhupada, Pandal Lecture — Delhi, November 20, 1971