1. Provision for eating beef

    When the cow is dead, you dig, or put it within the…. Or take it. No, nobody will object. In India, that is the system. When the cow is dead, there is a class, they are called cobblers, camara. They are informed and they’ll come. They’ll take it. And they’ll eat the flesh and take the skin, and tan it in their own method, and then prepare shoes. They sell it in the market. So without any price, they get the skin, they eat the flesh. So nobody is harmed. From economic point of view, it is very good. So why you are killing and maintaining so big, big slaughterhouse? Let everyone maintain the cows for taking milk. And when it dies, you take it, you meat-eaters. Make that arrangement.

    Srila Prabhupada, Garden Conversation — June 14, 1976, Detroit