1. Simply struggling — where is happiness?

    Unless Krsna gives, there is no question of happiness. Our business should be that we may not be uncomfortably living which will disturb our progress of Krsna consciousness — that much. Other things? Depend on Krsna. If He wants to make you Indra, you become Indra. There is no happiness even by
    becoming Indra. Indra is how much disturbed, always fighting, devasura. He has to fight. The same thing as here. Only difference is the standard of living in the heaven and the duration of life are greater. But if you have to struggle for existence, then what is the use of this duration of life, greater? Simply struggling, where is happiness? So in different planets, in different species of life… I see at night these small bugs. They have got the same happiness. The husband and wife or the male and female together, jumping and having sex, and everything in a different body. And same thing is going on in higher planetary system. There is no other business. Ahara-nidra-bhaya-maithunam [Hitopadesa 25]: eating, sleeping, sex and defense.

    Srila Prabhupada, Room Conversation with Vrindavan De – July 6, 1977, Vrndavana