1. Srila Prabhupada brought to America “very venomous poison”

    Tamala Krsna: Yes. The thing is… There’re now some demons in America, they are realizing that this is the most dangerous movement to their whole culture.

    Prabhupada: Yes, that is the real point. And if the young men, they are taking and they take it seriously, then they will take over government. Yes. That is the real point. Because they want to stop it. But it cannot be stopped. Because the younger generation, they are taking it seriously, it cannot be stopped.

    Tamala Krsna: As long as we stay within the law they cannot find any fault with us. They are trying like anything, but they cannot find any fault.

    Prabhupada: Yes. The poison has already entered. (laughs) Now it is reacting, so they are feeling the pressure. That is our success, when there is opposition. They are not going to oppose any such movement like Transcendental Meditation. No, they don’t care. But this, they are seeing that it is very venomous poison.

    (February 14, 1977, Mayapur)