1. When Srila Prabhupada was first in Boston

    It is very nice to preach Krsna consciousness. When I was first in Boston, I was thinking on the ship that “I have come to preach here Krsna consciousness. I see these people are so much addicted to so many nonsense things. How I shall convince them? What shall I tell them? [chuckles] How they will understand me? It is a complete different culture, complete different…” I was thinking like that. “Anyway, when Krsna has sent me, let me try; otherwise I shall go back.” Yes. Actually I was thinking like that. I never thought that so many boys and girls will understand me and work with me. From the very beginning I was thinking that “It is impossible, because their mode of living, their mode of culture — everything is different. And I have brought Krsna consciousness. I will have to say, ‘You don’t take meat, you don’t take intoxication, don’t have illicit sex.’ How they will be able to do that?” I was thinking. But by Krsna’s grace everything is possible. That is my practical experience.

    Srila Prabhupada Lecture, 19 Mar 1969