1. Srila Prabhupada enjoys Rasa-purnima

    It was Rasa-purnima, the full moon night in the sarat season when Krishna performs His rasa lila with the gopis. Panca-dravida Maharaj said, “Srila Prabhupada, do you want to hear the chapters of the rasa lila?” Prabhupada said, “Yes, that would be nice,” and Maharaj started reading. It takes about three hours to read the five chapters. At that time somehow or other I was Prabhupada’s foot massager and I was massaging Prabhupada’s feet. So, here I was at the lotus feet of the jagat guru on Rasa-purnima at Krishna-Balaram Mandir in Sri Vrindavan Dham, listening to the rasa lila of Krishna and the gopis with His Divine Grace. Panca-dravida Maharaj read and read and I thought, “I can’t get any higher than this. If I had any pious credits, I could die right now. That would be perfection.” But I’m so sinful, here I am 25 years later still alive. Anyway, everyone was listening and Srila Prabhupada had his eyes closed. I thought, “Maybe he dozed off.” After about two hours Maharaj mispronounced a word in a Sanskrit verse, and immediately Prabhupada corrected him and then closed his eyes again. I realized that Prabhupada was in rapt attention, he was in samadhi, and all the hairs on my body stood on end. Prabhupada was absorbed in hearing the pastimes of Krishna from his own Krishna Book. At the end Maharaj said, “Prabhupada, maybe we can do this every night.” Prabhupada said, “Yes. We are simply here to enjoy.”

    Udayananda Dasa, “Srila Prabhupada Remembrances” ch. 44.