1. This Krsna consciousness movement will go on

    “And this Krsna consciousness movement will go on.  This is the genuine thing.  Param vijayate sri-krsna-sankirtanam. Take it seriously, not as a trifle.  You are all young men.  You will live.  Take it seriously.  You American boys, you have got intelligence.  You have to take it.  I was thinking that if my body finished, everything finished.  Now I am hopeful. It will be finished.”  Prabhupada said this with great certainty.  “Who cares for Gandhi’s non-violence and Vivekananda’s hospital?  Nonsense!” We all praised Prabhupada and said that this movement was all his mercy. Prabhupada replied, “Yes, it is all Krsna’s mercy.  I have tried.  What mercy I have got!  Poor Indians!  Started without any substantial support-forty rupees.”  Prabhupada began crying.  “Loitering in the street on Fifth Avenue.  After my lunch, I used to go on Fifth Avenue to see the Christian festivals.  You are helping.  You go on helping.”

    From TKG’s Diary
    (September 30, 1977)