1. Srila Prabhupada’s anger

    Nava-yogendra reflected on what Prabhupada had told him. “His anger was only for our rectification,” he saw. “In the material world people get angry, but Prabhupada’s anger was not like theirs. He was a pure devotee, and he knew the value of this human life, that this human form is meant for self-realization and we should not waste even a second. We should cultivate Krsna consciousness all the time. If he saw that his disciples were not acting properly, he would get angry for their rectification.”

    The anger he showed was for us; he never carried it with him. It was instructive anger — he had no anger in him other than anger and anxiousness for seeing that Krsna and his spiritual master were served nicely.

    (From Giriraj Swami’s book, “I’ll Build You a Temple”)