1. The perfect system is the Vedic system – even for understanding sex

    Prabhupada: When you have more sex, then you have no power to beget a male child. When the man is less powerful, a girl is born. When the man is powerful, a boy is born. That is Vedic system. In our country, in (indistinct), there are fewer woman because there the men are very stout and strong. When there is discharge, if the man’s discharge is larger, then there is a male child; if the woman’s discharge is larger, then there is a female child. So when women will be very easily available, the men will be weak. So what will he beget? He will beget female child, because he has lost his power. Sometimes he becomes impotent. So many desertions. If you don’t restrict sex life, there will be so many desertions. And that is happening -impotency, no marriage, woman population more. But they did not know how things are happening, how human psychology can be controlled. The perfect system is the Vedic system.

    Discussions with Syamasundara dasa on Sigmund Freud