1. We are not liked

    Therefore present policy is that “Engage them in work only, and never mind. There is no need of spiritual education. There is no need of jnana. You throw them out, then. Now work just like ass. That’s all.” This is the modern policy of the whole world: engage them. In England and other countries, they want to see that everyone is engaged in working. Then their factories and other things will go on. And if one is engaged in philosophy, jnana, then the work will stop.

    So they do not like this Krsna consciousness movement anywhere. We are not liked. They are under the impression that we’ll make the people escaping. But that is not the fact. We are actually distributing knowledge. Jnanagni-dagdha-karmanam. When one becomes actually on the platform of knowledge, then he does not work like an ass. But people want that people should work like ass. That is the difficulty. That is… There is a clash between our movement and others. They want to make all people to work hard like an ass. There is a difference of philosophy. We are preaching, nayam deha nrloke, in the human society, this is not meant for working so hard, like an ass, like a hog, simply for sense gratification. This is Krsna consciousness philosophy.

    Srila Prabhupada, Talk on Bhagavad-gita 4.19 — April 8, 1974, Bombay