1. Duplicitous friend or wife

    If the wife is not chaste and friend is cheater, or satham…” Satham means duplicity, not very sincere friend. Outwardly he’s showing he’s very good friend, but inwardly he has got some intention. Such friend, duplicity, and unchaste wife, dusta bharya satham mitram and bhrtyas cottara-dayakah, and servant giving reply, and sa-sarpe ca grhe vasah, and in your room if there is a snake… Of course in this big, big concrete building there is no question of snake, but in cottages, huts, made with mud, earth, there are sometimes snakes.

    So Canakya Pandita said, “If you live with a dusta bharya and a duplicity friend and an answer-giving servant and a snake, then you are sure to die sometime. You’ll be cheated.” (dusta bharya satham mitram bhrtyas cottara-dayakah sa-sarpe ca grhe vaso mrtyur eva na samsayah)

    Srila Prabhupada; Srimad-Bhagavatam Lecture 5.6.4 Vrndavana, November 26, 1976