1. Four ways you can be doomed

    Canakya Pandita says, dusta-bharya: “If the wife is dusta,” dusta-bharya satham mitram, “and friend is satham, hypocrite, talking very friendly, but he has got something, design…” That is called satham mitram. Satham means hypocrite. So “If somebody’s wife is dusta and friend is hypocrite,” dusta-bharya satham mitram bhrtyas ca uttara-dayakah, “and bhrtya, servant, does not obey, he argues with the master…” Master says, “Why did you not do?” “Oh, I am this…” No argument. Bhrtya should be very silent. Then he is faithful servant. Sometimes master may be angry, but bhrtya should be silent. Then master becomes kind. But if he replies on equal level, oh, then it is very bad. Dusta-bharya satham mitram bhrtyas ca uttara-dayakah, sa-sarpe ca grhe vasah: “And you are living in a apartment where there is a snake.” So if these four things are there or one of them, not all the four, then mrtyur eva na samsayah: “Then you are doomed.” You are doomed. Your life is spoiled.

    [Srila Prabhupada; Srimad-Bhagavatam Lecture 6.1.31 San Francisco, July 16, 1975]