1. Thieves and rogues in Krsna consciousness

    Regarding your business, Krsna will surely help you and He is already helping you. We want to show the world that Krsna’s service is not stereotyped, one sided. Krsna can be served from any position, provided one is willing to serve Him. Krsna can be served and approached by businessmen, by lawyers, by scientists, by artists, by musicians, by philosophers, even by thieves and rogues; everyone. He is so kind. One has simply to accept the prescribed method how to approach Him. When I speak of thieves and rogues I do not mean that a Krsna devotee is also a thief and a rogue. The idea is that even the thieves and rogues are eligible to accept this path of Krsna consciousness and make their lives sublime. Actually when a thief or rogue takes to Krsna consciousness he soon becomes a saintly person. Just like Jagai and Madhai. They were thieves and rogues but after being favored by Lord Nityananda they became first-class devotees. So Krsna consciousness is so nice that everyone can approach the goal, and if one simply agrees to follow the prescribed method very soon he becomes a saintly person.

    From Srila Prabhupada’s letter to Gargamuni, 11th November, 1969